Our Weaknesses

We’re not afraid to show you our warts.
Because our benefits far outweigh them.

Some doctors have said our sites are not “professional-looking.”

It is true that some people won’t like it, and if that’s not OK with you, then don’t use us. However, in our experience, we’ve found that most people really appreciate and enjoy the enthusiastic and conversational tone we design our websites in. Why? Because it’s so much more interesting than reading an “online brochure” that so many websites look like, giving our clients a great way to move from an unwelcome pest to a welcome guest in the eyes of your patients.

It’s a little more hassle.

Yeah…you could say it’s a bit more hassle than simply buying a $600 cookie cutter website but you have to ask yourself, how important is getting a good response rate? If the extra profit is not worth the hassle, don’t do it. But if it is… then fill out the form below to get started.

It looks like you’re trying too hard or you’re bribing your prospects/patients.

Perhaps 40 years ago that would be true. But in today’s world, the old rules of marketing don’t apply anymore. The 21st century consumer is inundated with advertising from every direction. They’re not easily moved. That’s why you need something that’s remark-able… that people will remark about because it’s different, unique, unconventional, etc. Or you can follow the herd and go the conventional, stodgy, boring route that everybody else follows (and share in the results that everybody else gets).

Our marketing is not always ‘pretty.’

If ‘pretty’ is more important to you than results, maybe SmartBox isn’t for you. We’re obsessed with the bottom line. We expect massive results and design everything to get them. Frankly, ‘pretty’ is nice but we’ve found that it doesn’t get the phone ringing.
For maximum results, we recommend you contact us to find out which services we offer are a good fit for your practice. We can help a lot with that. Ask us.

SmartBox is geared up and 100% committed to providing over-the-top customer satisfaction. It is our goal to continue providing a level of service unmatched in our industry to dentists just like yourself.