Something For The Uncertain Dentist

It’s likely that almost every dentist has worked with more than one marketing provider. Usually, the switch is due to one of two reasons: the dentist isn’t satisfied with how their marketing is performing, or they’re generally satisfied but they want more.

Both of those are valid reasons for retaining a different firm. However, once the decision is made to leave the current provider, you’re entering into the no-man’s land of uncertainty. Will the new provider be able to perform up to your expectations? And how can you know?

You Need A Baseline

Marketing is a strange animal. It may look great on the outside, but what’s happening inside can be a different story

There are only two marketing metrics that really matter: new patient butts in your chairs, and the average case value that those patients bring. Everything else is just a means to those ends.

But focusing on just those metrics doesn’t tell the whole story. You might be getting satisfactory results, but you’re actually throwing away a ton of money to do it!

Research shows that dental prospects are very poor historians when it comes to recalling the ad, social media post, email, commercial, or direct mail piece that actually got them to call your practice.

One or more of those marketing vehicles might be overperforming, leading to the generally satisfactory results. But the others might underperforming – you’re wasting money and not getting the quantity and/or quality of new patients that you could be.

If you’re contemplating making a move to another marketing provider, SmartBox has a suggestion.

Get PracticeHQ™

SmartBox’s innovative PracticeHQ™ is your single-source solution to accurately tracking your marketing performance. Our intuitive, easy to use marketing dashboard allows you to see at a glance how every aspect of your online marketing is performing.

At a glance, you can see:

  • New Patient Opportunity 3-month trends (or customize your own date range):
    • New Patient Opportunity calls by day/time
    • Answered call rate
    • Missed calls
    • New Patients Appointed/Not Appointed
    • New Patient Opportunity conversion rate
    • Call recordings/analysis
    • New Patient Opportunity form submissions
  • Paid media campaign performance
  • New website visitors and time-on-site
  • Social media performance

And much more.

So, here’s that suggestion. Schedule a Roadmap call to talk with our Senior Practice Consultant about PracticeHQ™. It’s an amazingly affordable stand-alone tool, and the learning curve is practically instant. You don’t have to decipher complex figures or interpret complicated graphs. It’s all laid out for you.

You should also know that SmartBox a wide and growing variety of tools to enhance your new patient recruitment and conversion efforts. During your call, you can learn about Rave™ Reputation Management, Local360Local Search Engine Optimization, Patient Attraction Phone Training™ and Certification, Buzz™ powered by My Social Practice, and SmartBox’s New Patient Assistant™ (chatbot).   

Use PracticeHQ™ to establish a decent baseline for your current marketing performance. Once you have that baseline, it’s decision time.

You can try fine-tuning your marketing, either on your own or through your provider, and see how that works. If you’re not minded to go down that road, we’d suggest you contact SmartBox again. We’ll show you how we can do for you what we help more than 4300 dentists on three continents accomplish – get the new patients they want.