SmartBox’s 10 Things You Need To Ask Your Dental Marketing Company #10

Do You Actively Monitor And Optimize My Local Listings?

Today, all search is local, and that’s particularly true for dentists. Except in the most rural areas, it’s rare for a prospect to drive more than ten or fifteen miles at the most for a dental appointment.

Why Your NAP Is Important

Your NAP (Name, Address, Phone) consistency is one of the two major factors in local search optimization (LSO). Inconsistencies in the practice name, address, and phone number have a significant and not beneficial impact on your page ranking. Not only that, but those inconsistencies can lead prospects to call your practice for clarification. That wastes valuable front office time. The worst case scenario, of course, is that they pick another dental practice.

When it comes to local search listings, competition is fierce. If the prospects in your market don’t see your listing on the first or second page of Google, they’ll pick a dental practice that does show up. But while Google is the heavyweight of search, it’s not the only option. Your NAP has to be consistent across all search platforms, directories, websites, and citations.

With that many items across multiple platforms, it’s easy for inconsistencies to creep into your NAP. That’s why continual optimizing of your NAP across the internet is so vital to your online success.

What Are You Getting From Your Current Provider?

Let’s face facts: you’re not your marketing firm’s only client. It’s fairly common for marketing companies to have dozens or even hundreds of dentists as clients. Think about the time commitment that would be required, and the margin for error, if your company tries to manually ensure NAP consistency for all those clients all over the internet.

Your marketing firm should manage your NAP through the top three Tier 1 data providers (Factual, Infogroup, and Acxion) instead of manually trying to manage hundreds of sites. This is one of those “accept no substitutes” situations; Yext, one of the best-known LSOs, only helps you with 62% of what’s needed to ensure success!

If you don’t know what your current provider is doing to keep your NAP completely consistent, now is the time to ask. If you don’t like the answer, here’s an alternative.

Enter Local360™ Search Optimization

SmartBox’s Local360 platform has a direct relationship with the top three Tier 1 data providers for Local Search Optimization, giving you the best results possible.

Local360™ is a done-for-you, turnkey solution that works with your existing website to ensure you can be found online.

We’ll manage your listings on Google, Bing, Apple Maps,, and many other places around the net. We’ll also get you listed in various directories, including dental-specific directories.

No matter where a prospect is searching online, and no matter what device they’re using, we’ll ensure they can find you with Local360 Search Optimization.

Best of all, Local360 Search Optimization is shockingly cost-effective, starting at just $199 a month. So you won’t have to spend a fortune to start seeing an increase in your new patient flow.

Local360 Search Optimization is included in all SmartBox package levels, so it’s one more thing that you can safely ignore while you focus on making money. Of course, it’s also available as a stand-alone product. At that price point, and on a “cancel any time” basis, the potential downside is minimal while the upside is huge.

If you’d like to learn more about Local360 Search Optimization, or any of our innovative SmartBox products, just schedule a Roadmap call.