How You’re Sabotaging Your Dental Practice’s Online Presence

There’s no area of modern life that evolves faster than the internet. For busy dentists, trying to keep your online presence optimized for search is usually one of those things that gets done as an afterthought, if at all.

That’s a shame, and it can also also expensive. Prospects overwhelmingly begin their search for a dentist online these days. If your listing doesn’t appear on the first page or two of results, your prospects will likely never see it. Those prospects are lost to your competitors and the marketing dollars you invested are wasted.

No one expects dentists or dentists’ staffs to be experts in search engine optimization (SEO). Of all the disciplines involved in the online space, the SEO “stuff” is probably evolving the most rapidly. That doesn’t mean that dental professionals don’t try; as one SmartBox dentist said, “I like to tinker with the stuff, but to be honest, I’m not that great at it.”

Frankly, it’s a waste of your time, training, and talents to pursue the intricacies of SEO work. And it doesn’t make you one thin dime; you make money seeing patients and solving their dental problems.

It’s The Little Things

There’s one little thing that trips up more dental practices online than you might believe– the NAP (Name, Address, Phone). It’s amazing how many practices with a single office have different names, addresses, and phone numbers online for the same business. The problem is even worse for practices with multiple locations.

That’s bad business, because your NAP is a Google ranking factor for search. When your NAP is inconsistent, you’ll take a hit in search results. And if the address is variable, your prospects will get different online directions to your building… or maybe not to your building. That’s a big, and completely avoidable, oops.

SmartBox Has The Answer

Our Local360 Search Engine Optimization is a done-for-you, turnkey solution that works with your existing website to ensure you can be found online.

We’ll manage your listings on Google, Bing, Apple Maps,, and many other places around the net. We’ll also get you listed in various directories, including dental-specific directories.

No matter what device a prospect is using, or where they’re searching online, we’ll ensure they can find you with Local360 Search Optimization.

Best of all, Local360 Search Optimization is shockingly cost-effective, starting at just $199 a month. You don’t have to spend a fortune to start seeing an increase in your new patient flow. And when you consider the case value of a single new patient, you’ll see that Local360 Search Optimization is an investment that will pay for itself many times over.

There’s no long-term commitment so don’t worry about getting locked into a lengthy contract. However, we predict that when you see the results you’ll wonder why you were worried in the first place.

Every new dental patient counts, but first they have to find you. Learn more about SmartBox’s smart way to get found online by visiting