Your Dental Website Doesn’t Produce Results

Dentists as a group have a “fire-and-forget” mentality when it comes to their websites. Given how much work goes into getting a decent dental website up and running, that attitude is understandable. Almost no dentist is anxious to keep revisiting and tweaking his or her website, not when there’s money to be made by seeing patients.

Back when the internet was first becoming something that dentists could use to promote their practices, having a good website was quite an accomplishment. But these days, it’s not enough.

A Linchpin Has To Have Something To Hold Together

In today’s hypercompetitive dental industry, your website alone can’t do everything you need to attract the patients who will help you grow your practice. Ideally, your website is the linchpin of your dental marketing system, the “target” that the rest of your marketing aims prospects toward.

But even simple systems have a bunch of parts. And even the best-crafted systems need attention and maintenance. That’s why so many dentists don’t have an integrated dental marketing system with their website at the center.

And then they complain that their website isn’t attracting enough new patients.

A Patient Attraction System™ is a comprehensive, integrated system in which all parts work together to achieve a single result: putting more and better patients in your chairs. Our proven, industry-leading system is helping more than 550 dentists on three continents succeed on their own terms.

You could create your own patient attraction system. All the information you need is freely available on this site. But, fair warning – this is neither easy nor quick. SmartBox provides all of the following, and more, for our dentists:

So, yes, you can create your own system. If you want more patients, and better patients, you’ll need a system. But be prepared to invest hundreds of hours (at least) in creating your system and many more hours fine-tuning and maintaining it. While you’re doing that, you won’t be making one dime. Dentists make money by seeing patients and solving their dental problems, not by doing their own SEO, social media marketing, or video production.

Your best investment in getting new patients, and better patients, is SmartBox’s Patient Attraction System™.

But – Just Maybe – It Is Your Dental Website

To be fair, there may well be problems with your website that could be corrected to help you get more patients. If you’re serious about getting more patients from your website, don’t shell out big bucks for a website redesign and rewrite.

Request a free Dental Website Audit from SmartBox. It will tell you and us what your website does well and what you need to fix to attract the patients YOU want. You can also contact us at (866) 731-1776 or by clicking here.