How You Can Get New Patients In Your Dental Office

You’d be surprised how often this phrase is searched for:

how to get new patients in dental office

Or maybe you wouldn’t be surprised.

Every dentist needs to constantly replenish his or her patient base. Patients relocate, lose dental insurance, choose another dentist, or die. That’s life, but it means that dentists are forced to constantly advertise to get more patients in their dental office.

Or so they think.

Advertising is great for commodities like groceries, flat-screen TVs, and automobiles, but not so great for dentists. Dentistry isn’t a commodity business, and dentists don’t have to pursue their profession as if they were selling sunglasses at a mall kiosk.

Yet far too many dentists still hold to the idea that offering low prices is the best way to get new patients.

What’s In Your Postcard?

The traditional advertising vehicles for dental practices are direct mail (postcards and flyers), newspaper ads, and radio spots. That’s not a lot of “real estate” to do more than tout price and convenience.

The internet opens up the possibilities of reaching dental prospects on a completely different level, one that engages them based on who you are as much as what you can do for them.

There’s an old saying: People buy from people they like. People also prefer to deal with people they trust, people they believe understand them.

You can’t effectively convey those qualities in quick-hit advertising. But you can by using the online space to position yourself as the relatable, trustworthy dental expert. In fact, the internet is the ideal platform in which to develop relationships with your prospects.

This Isn’t A Sometime Proposition

Attracting new patients – particularly the patients you want – isn’t as simple as putting up a website. Practically every dentist in the country has a website, so that’s pretty much a level playing field.

Attracting patients requires a full-court press in your marketing – website, social media, blog, doctor and testimonial videos, paid search, search engine optimization, local search optimization, and so on. To borrow a legal phrase, what you want to present is at least a “preponderance of evidence” that you are the dentist of choice for prospects in your market. “Beyond a reasonable doubt” is the ultimate goal.

Since you want to continually attract new patients to your practice, you’ll need to continually provide fresh content. A blog post that’s three years old isn’t going to do much to impress prospects today, and neither will a testimonial from five years ago.

But busy dentists rarely have time or the bandwidth to routinely update their online presences. That’s a problem, but a solvable one.

It’s Time To Outsource

Dentists don’t make money by micromanaging their marketing. They make money by seeing patients and solving their dental problems. Given the average dentist’s hourly rate, it makes no financial sense for dentists to handle their own practice marketing.

Let’s say that your average rate is $600 an hour. If you spend 10 hours a month on advertising and marketing, that’s $6,000 in revenue that you’re not getting. Any competent marketing firm should be able to get you at least 12 new patients a month.

A really competent marketing firm will get many, many more new patients a month in your office. There’s no valid financial argument for managing your marketing yourself.

However, new patients that are basically cleanings, exams, and drill-and-fills will keep you working too hard for too long for too little. The smart way to increase your earnings while working less is to get better patients – those with the resources and willingness to pay more for the right dentist.

SmartBox Is The Answer

SmartBox helps thousands of dentists, specialists and practice owners on three continents get the patients they want so they can practice the dentistry they want. Our dentists can work less, earn more, and enjoy life again.

Our doctors also get to focus on doing the dentistry – including more of the cases they love – instead of managing their marketing. Give the thousand-and-one things that practice owners have to deal with, it should come as no surprise that the vast majority of SmartBox dentists report a great sense of relief that everything is done for them.

SmartBox is the answer to that search phrase – how to get new patients in dental office. And not just new patients, but better patients.

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