Is Google AdWords Hemorrhaging Your Money (And New Patients)?

Are you one of the thousands of dentists who have dumped money into Google AdWords without seeing a strong return on investment (ROI)? If not, skip down to “How Dental Marketing Firms Charge You.” If you have – or are – it’s understandable. When AdWords came out, it was an easy way to self-market. All you had to do was create an account, link a credit card, design some ads, and bid on the most logical keywords. It may have even worked for a while.

But then a competitor may have come in and taken over the top spot on your most valuable keywords. Or maybe you had a dip in dental prospect searches of your important keywords. Either way, AdWords isn’t working for you the way it once did. Maybe it never really “worked” at all. What now?

The “Easy” Answer

If you’re like many, you turned to a marketing “expert” who promised to use their “expertise” to move you higher up the AdWords ranking. Turning over your dental SEM and paid online advertising to an “expert” seemed like an easy answer.

What you probably found was that your AdWords spending went up, up, up without seeing significantly more of the patients you want. AdWords wasn’t making money for you, but it was for your “expert.”

How Dental Marketing Firms Charge You

Typically, a dental marketing company charges a percentage of your monthly AdWords spending – some charge as high as 50 percent. So what incentive does the marketer have for bringing you a high ROI? None. All of their incentive is getting you to spend more, more, more! Even if it’s working, they’ll try to convince you to spend more to “keep it going.”

Others “experts” charge a flat rate per keyword. But you could do that on your own. All they’re doing is plugging your keywords into an automated bid-management software. So what is their incentive? To get you to pay for as many keywords as they can – whether they return results or not. You probably already realize that a high percentage of your conversions and leads come from a relatively small number of keywords you have chosen.

This approach leaves you shelling out lots of your hard-earned marketing dollars on lots of keywords that don’t attract the patients YOU want.

These approaches may help you keep costs down at first, but your lost opportunity costs are high, and your efficiency and ROI are low.

How SmartBox Does It

SmartBox isn’t a typical dental marketing company. We’re a patient attraction services company helping dentists get better patients . We incorporate AdWords campaigns as appropriate into our doctors’ marketing as part of our industry-leading Patient Attraction System™. Our total focus is on increasing dentists’ profitability by getting them the patients they want.

Which brings up a point – AdWords can only do so much by itself. If your use of Google AdWords isn’t an integrated part of a carefully considered dental marketing system, you’re really unlikely to see maximum benefit no matter how much you spend.

If you are serious about getting better patients to help you grow your practice, and enjoying maximum ROI, don’t rely on AdWords alone. Discover what SmartBox’s Patient Attraction System™ can do for your practice. Call us at (866) 731-1776 or contact us by clicking here.