Dental Patient Reviews can be a Real Boon – or a Boondoggle

Google reviews are great for your dental practice, as long as you are getting them – and as long as they are good.

If your practice already has dozens of recent reviews and averages close to five (out of five)  stars, you already know the benefits:

  • The biggest is that you show up higher in Google searches and on review compiler Yelp.
  • This differentiates you from other dentists in your area.
  • Potential patients  know they can trust you because current customers say so.
  • You can get better play in Google AdWords.

While there are other sites that accept and compile reviews, Google and Yelp are the only two that will drive a significant number of new patients to your practice.

If you don’t have dozens of recent reviews and don’t average close to five stars, what is that telling potential patients? That existing clients aren’t overwhelmed by their positive experiences.

But the truth is they probably are!

If you don’t have customers who are willing to give you a glowing review, no amount of marketing can help you. But just by the fact that you are reading this, we believe you are a top-notch professional who just needs help getting the word out.

We offer two review systems, one for Google and the other for Yelp, that will get your patients to flood Google with authentic positive reviews. Look below to see real examples from real clients.

If you really want to “wow” potential clients, we also can help you identify your best patients to give you video testimonials to put on your website.

They key is AUTHENTIC patient reviews

Since you are here you probably already have some marketing savvy. So you may be asking yourself why you need us to help you get five-star dental patient reviews.

That leads to two questions:

  1. Why haven’t you done so already?
  2. Are you willing to take the consequences if you do it incorrectly?

The first question is easy to answer. You haven’t done so already because you devote your time to satisfying your patients, managing your staff and business, and trying to have a life outside of work. That’s why you hire people like us!

The second question is a big one because there are dire consequences if you don’t follow the rules.

For instance, you might want to offer a free or reduced service to clients in exchange for writing a glowing review online. Seems like a common sense approach, right? Wrong. The Federal Trade Commission has truth-in-advertising guidelines against doing so. You might get some publicity from an FTC investigation, but it would be the wrong kind!

OK, so you won’t give a quid pro quo for good reviews. Maybe you’ll hire a firm (or just a bunch of folks sitting at a bank of computers) to generate positive reviews. We do not offer that kind of service and recommend you not do business with anyone who does. Investigators in New York already snared dentists and other businesses in New York using “reputation-enhancement” firms to write phony reviews. Those businesses paid $350,000 in penalties, according to The New York Times.

So you won’t take it that far. Maybe you and your staff will go online and give the practice good ratings. Wrong again. All of the main search engines have policies against “review stuffing.” Search engines can sniff out fake reviews with 90 percent accuracy. And every review has to be unique, or Google will remove the similar reviews from your listing – even if the duplicate review is on your website!

And that’s not all. Google can not only  block customer reviews from appearing with your practice’s name in search results, it can send your practice to the bottom of the search page. What’s worse, your website could be removed from Google and Yelp altogether!

If you’re ready to flood the market with authentic positive reviews that will help you attract the patients YOU want, contact us at 888.741.1413 or here. Feel free to look around the site at the topics that interest you most or click here to see the results we’ve achieved for hundreds of your peers across the country.

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