Syndicate Your Video All At Once!

If you have shot a bunch of videos and you’re looking to syndicate those and get those out all across the internet on the different video sites, Vimeo and YouTube, and start building backlinks into your website, make sure that you’re syndicating those all at once. A lot of guys have a tendency to drip them out and they think that their prospects might be lured in if they say, ‘I’ll give you one, come back next week I’ll give you the other one.’ What we find is quite the opposite. People that are in this digital era have this digital attention deficit disorder, they have this instant gratification need. They want to look at all your stuff, they want to find out and make a decision right now if you’re right for them. We recommend you syndicate all of them, blast them out all at once, give them everything you’ve got and do that regularly so you’re constantly building up that reputation, those backlinks and that SEO ranking for your videos and your website.