Dentists Who Don’t Do Follow-up Right Lose Prospects

Barring dental emergencies, the decision to choose a dentist is rarely a snap decision.

Google has noted that people consult an average of 10.4 online sources of information before making a buying decision. When it comes to selecting someone to solve their dental problems, it’s not surprising that most prospects are going to do considerably more research than that average before making a decision.

If you’re going to get your share, and maybe more, of the prospects in your market, you have to remain in front of them until they’re ready to choose. People who visit your website once don’t automatically sign up for an appointment. They keep looking.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you have lose contact with those prospects.

Email Follow-up Is The Proven Way To Get More New Patients

Your website should include an offer of something of value for your prospects. What you can off depends on your state regulations, but everyone can offer an electronic white paper, a copy of a useful article, or a book authored by (or ghostwritten for) you.

To receive the offer, prospects provide their email addresses, and that’s the key to following up with your prospects.

Some people are looking for a general dentist for preventative care. Many others have a specific dental concern, problem, or want, and that’s why they’re researching dentists. To stay in front of prospects, you need to provide them with a steady stream of helpful and authoritative content specific to their dental issues.

Creating various streams of email content, one stream for each concern or desire, is a fairly daunting task for most dental practices. But that challenge pales in comparison to trying to get the right emails to the right prospects at the right times. Your prospects don’t enter your sales funnel at the same time, so each new prospect needs to receive email#1 in the right stream first. That’s while other prospects are receiving emails 3, 6 and 10, for instance, on roughly the same days. And on another stream, prospects are receiving emails 2, 7, and 9.

Multiply that by 50, or 100, or 200, and you’ll have a sense of how overwhelming it can be for your staff to follow-up manually with your prospects.

Email Automation Is The Answer

Automating your email follow-up process – “drip marketing” – simplifies the process and saves countless hours of staff time. More importantly, automation gets dentists more new patients that would otherwise be lost to competitors.

The various automation programs available now offer different ease of use, breadth of features, and price points. But once the system is established, and the content streams created (something that the vast majority of dental practices would do well to outsource), the system requires only adding new email addresses and ensuring that prospects who have received the entire content stream don’t begin getting the same emails again.

Following up with your prospects is a crucial step in attracting new patients to your practice. Don’t leave it to overworked staff to manage on a day-by-day basis. Do your research, choose an email automation program, do the legwork to set it up, and have experienced professionals create the content streams you need for your practice.