Do What You Do Best As A Dentist

What happens if you ignore the business side of your practice? What happens if you hire bad hygienists, don’t deal with personnel issues, or stop marketing your practice?

You lose your business and the opportunity to focus on patient care.

The problem for you and many dentists is that patient care is too small a part of what you do every day. The business becomes your focus instead of the practice of helping patients. Whether it’s staffing, your dental marketing program, or insurance, many dentists spend more time sitting at their desk than over the dental chair.

What Kind Of Dentist Are You?

The first thing to do is look at yourself and ask if you are causing this problem yourself. That may sound harsh, but SmartBox has talked with thousands of dentists, and from all those conversations, two basic types have emerged.

The first type of dentist is what we’ve called “the Piddler.” These dentists seem more interested in understanding how something works than they are in enjoying the results created by that thing. The Piddler is the one who enjoys tinkering with his or her dental website design and/or content, or the phone system, or any of the many systems used in the practice.

If you are a Piddler, you’re allowing yourself to be distracted from your main mission: treating patients. That’s how you make money. When you Piddle, you take your eyes off the prize.

The second type of dentist is quite different from the Piddler. Instead of spending time “tinkering,” this dentist is focused on engineering his or her practice in order to maximize the amount of time invested in treating patients.

We call this second type of dentist the Dental CEO. These dentists are bottom-line focused. Treating patients is their #1 most profitable activity. It is the reason these dentists are there. And it’s the seed of their future success.

What are the chances you would ever find a CEO trying to fix a leaky coffee pot in the break room? It’s not going to happen.

Why? Because that CEO understands that the best and most profitable use of his or her time requires staying far away from any activity that does not leverage his or her unique gifts. Dental CEOs understand that, while they are responsible for all of the parts of their practice, they must be responsible for those things without losing focus on their #1 most profitable activity.

Becoming a “dental social media expert” is not that activity …

Learning about dental search engine optimization is not that activity …

Figuring out how to get your dental SEM and paid online advertising on Google is not that activity …

Holding countless meetings with a dental marketing company that’s not performing well for you isn’t that activity …

Treating patients is the activity.

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Dental CEO?

If you own your own practice or are in partnership with another dentist, you should not be running the day-to-day operations of your business. You’re there to set the vision and direction of the practice. That’s why you hire good people to run the business side of the practice.

Hiring good people may mean getting an office manager to handle staffing, billing, and scheduling issues.

Hiring good people also means getting someone whose expertise is keeping a steady stream of patients walking through your door. Without a strong business side of your practice, there will be no practice.

And what good is your desire to focus on patient care if there aren’t patients to focus on?

SmartBox Will Get You More And Better Patients

SmartBox has used our industry-leading Patient Attraction System™ to help hundreds of dentists build their practices so they could attract more and better patients, improve their financial situation, and have more time to focus on their work.

That’s what happens when you attract the patients YOU want.

If you’re ready to see how we can help you focus on great patient care – and make a lot more money – by leaving patient attraction marketing to us, contact us at (866) 731-1776 or click here.

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Your Dental Decision Point

You basically have two choices – piddle, or make money by treating patients and solving their dental problems. Successful dentists don’t piddle. Put on your Dental CEO hat, and leave the patient attraction marketing to SmartBox.