Can dentists work just 3 days a week and thrive?

Let’s face it – dentistry takes a toll on your body. Hunching over the chair for many hours a day, four or five days a week, can make you feel old before your time.

Before you go on sacrificing your health for the sake of your practice, read on. You’ll learn how you can work just three days a week and thrive.

You Can Escape the Overwork Trap

Sounds like a pipe dream, right?

There isn’t a better dental chair to offer you (although that would certainly help!).

But there is a proven path to working less while earning more.

So, you’re probably wondering how much less and how much more. How does working 3 days a week while increasing your earnings by 350 percent sound?

To be fair, that particular dentist got specialized training and hired an associate to handle the general dentistry side. But that doctor spends all his time handling only cases he loves to do. He wakes up in the morning eager to get into the practice … and he’s in his 60s!

This could easily be your story, not too long from now. The question is, are you ready to get started and take the first step towards that dream?

You Don’t Have to Hurt

You may be one of the countless dentists who lives and works in pain. Their backs hurt, their necks bother them, and those aches and pains don’t stop at the doors of their practices.

Chronic pain affects your entire life and the quality of your life. And it can lead to you leaving the profession before you’re ready.

Frankly, dentistry is too good a profession to hurt this much. But until and unless there’s some major breakthrough in dental ergonomics, you have to take care of you. And self-care as a dentist begins with not spending so many hours in positions that hurt you.

SmartBox Makes It Happen

SmartBox works with hundreds of dentists on three continents to help them get better patients. Better patients are people with the ability and willingness to pay more for the right dentist. The lifetime value of better patients is orders of magnitude greater than patients you’re probably getting now.


Higher value means you can see fewer patients and still make as much as or more than you’re making now. And working less means you can spend your free time with your family, or pursuing pastimes and hobbies, or traveling. You’ll have the freedom to live life rather than being chained to your practice.

You have a couple of options if you want to quit working so long and so hard. You can get specialty training – in implants or cosmetic dentistry, for instance – and hire an associate to do general dentistry. Or, you can attract better patients with higher case value and work fewer hours each week.

Yes, the 3-Day Workweek Is a Reality

If you think that can’t happen, here’s the experience of Dr. Ron Receveur of New Albany, Indiana. He said, “Actually, the number of visits to my website is down during the time that I’m collecting a lot more money. So we’ve extrapolated that information from more visits, less money, to less visits, higher-quality patient, more collections. It’s working.”

And here’s Dr. Travis Watson of Marietta, Georgia. He said, “A consistent goal that we have is to continue to have the new patients come in that are high quality, who are interested in comprehensive dentistry, and really just want something better for themselves and aren’t just what we call single-tooth type situations. They’re more of the fine cases that we enjoy doing, so that’s always going to be a goal for us as we move forward with a company like SmartBox to help us with that.”

You should note that Dr. Watson is talking about getting more high-quality patients like the ones he’s getting already.

What do Dr. Receveur and Dr. Watson have in common? They’re both SmartBox dentists.

You can enjoy the kind of success that
Dr. Receveur and Dr. Watson are experiencing.

Your path to freedom starts by clicking the green button below and reserving your free, no-obligation Practice Discovery Session™.


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Working only three days a week isn’t just a pipe dream. It can be your reality when you work with SmartBox.

Your back, your neck, and the rest of your life will thank you.