Dental Website Design

Nothing turns off dental prospects faster than outdated dental website design. Today’s dental patients are spoiled for choice, and there’s a near-universal expectation that the website, and by extension the office, will be up to date.

Dental web design that’s based on an old, outmoded template, that screams five or even 10 years ago, or that doesn’t make information readily accessible to visitors is the kiss of death for your dental practice marketing efforts.

Why? Because your website is the linchpin of your prospect conversion efforts. Poor design can make your website your prospects’ first and last contact. They’ll click away in a heartbeat to find another dentist.

What does your current website say about you and your practice? Here’s a brief checklist; see how your site rates.

1. Does your website use white text on a dark background?

Not only is this approach many years out of date, it’s hard to read – particularly for older eyes. Keep in mind that in almost every market, prospects have a variety of choices when it comes to dentists. If their first impression of your website isn’t overwhelmingly positive, they’ll be gone.

2. Does your website load within a few seconds and display properly?

Searches from mobile devices such as smartphones overtook desktop search in 2015, and the gap is continuing to widen. Your website is a non-starter if it’s not mobile-compatible, which is not the same thing as just resizing your existing site.

Mobile-compatible sites are designed to display properly on a wide variety of much smaller screens. Any website where the graphics delay page loading or cover the text will cost you new patients.

3. Does your website have different designs for different pages?

That used to be a thing many years ago, but it’s like bell-bottom jeans – it’s time has come and gone. Inconsistency in page design is the mark of an amateur these days, and it’s inconsistent with the professional image you need to present.

4. Does your website make prospects hunt around to find what they want?

Not all page navigation schemes are created equal. Why would you want your website’s navigation to be an obstacle to engaging your prospects? But it’s all too common for websites to have navigation controls that are hard to find and/or require a visitor to back out of the current page before being able to proceed to another.

5. Are your website graphics out of control?

The best web pages offer a balance of content and design elements. No matter how cool you might think a page looks, your prospects aren’t there to admire the pretty pictures or design elements. They’re visiting your website to find solutions to their dental problems and to decide whether to choose you.

This isn’t a complete checklist by any means. But if your dental web design violates any of these principles, your website is in trouble. It’s time to call in an expert.

SmartBox Provides Expert Dental Web Design

Our talented web designers have an enviable track record of creating unique, extremely functional, and compelling websites for our dentists.

A SmartBox website loads quickly thanks to optimization of the pages and graphics and displays properly across all devices.

First impressions are of a modern color palette; pleasing but not obtrusive graphics; and an overall balanced display. Page design is consistent throughout which is a must to present a professional appearance.

Page background color, font, and font size are chosen for easy readability.

Prospects visiting your website will find their dental concerns immediately addressed which leads them further into your site to learn more about you and the solutions you offer.

Navigation to different web pages is obvious and intuitive. Internal linking within your website means that visitors never have to back out of a page to get to another. The services you offer are easy to locate.

Your Name, Address, and Phone (NAP) are prominently displayed and completely consistent across all pages. That’s a big search engine optimization (SEO) boost, and it makes it easier for prospects to locate and call your practice. There’s also a dedicated Contact Us page for online inquiries and appointments.

Best of all, SmartBox provides full dental website services – not only website design but also expert copywriting, photography/videography, and search engine optimization as well as keeping the website updated and current. Our doctors can focus on actually doing the dentistry instead of wasting time on their websites.

SmartBox is a comprehensive Practice Growth firm. We provide:

In addition to our complete array of marketing services, we offer a wide and growing array of proprietary products that will help your practice be more profitable.

Discover What SmartBox Can Do For Your Practice

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