Dental Patient Marketing Done Right

There are thousands, if not tens of thousands, of marketing firms in the United States. Of those, a comparative handful are dedicated to dental patient marketing.

That’s an important distinction. Dental patients are a unique population driven by specific concerns, problems, hopes, and desires. General marketing techniques apply only loosely when it comes to influencing prospects to choose a particular dentist.

Part of the reason why general marketing techniques don’t work for dental patients is the way dentists are viewed by the population. Generally, dentists are seen as interchangeable “tooth technicians.” In the minds of the general public, one dentist is about as good as another. In other words, they’re interchangeable commodities.

To be fair, the vast majority of prospects don’t know the difference between a DDS and a DMD, or between one post-doctoral training course and another. They don’t know the difference between LANAP and CEREC. They don’t know what makes one dentist preferable to another, and the price-based advertising model used by most marketing firms does a very poor job of educating patients on those differences.

As well, general marketing firms don’t have a firm grasp of the best ways to motivate dental prospects. They’re not “tuned in” to unique hopes, fears, wants, and needs that your prospects bring with them. Worst of all, those firms have a very simplistic understanding of the business of dentistry… if that.

How SmartBox Is Different

SmartBox was practically born in a dental practice. Our founder and CEO, Colin Receveur, is the son of a very successful dentist. Colin spent a great deal of time in his father’s practice and brings an insider’s knowledge of dentists and dentistry that’s hard to match.

SmartBox provides comprehensive dental Practice Growth services exclusively to dentists. In fact, we work with more than four thousand dentists and orthodontists on three continents to help them get the patients they want so they can practice the dentistry they want.

Our comprehensive services include:

All of SmartBox’s services and products are provided in-house, simplifying and streamlining the work and helping to ensure accuracy and swift completion. As a SmartBox client, you’ll deal with a single, dedicated, point of contact for all questions concerning your practice marketing.

Not Only Comprehensive, But Also Integrated

SmartBox continues to revolutionize how dentists attract new patients. Our industry-leading Patient Attraction System® works 24/7 to position every SmartBox dentist as the dentist of choice for the patients they want. The integration of all elements of the system delivers superior results for our dentists over time, freeing them from the “What do you want to put in the ad this month?” time suck.

Our doctors can be as involved as they like with their marketing. The vast majority gratefully turn over the reins to SmartBox and enjoy more time to actually do the dentistry or to deal with the thousand-and-one things you see to every day. As a business owner, wouldn’t you like more time to use as you wish?

That brings up another point.

How Do You Define Freedom?

SmartBox helps dentists get more of the patients they want. Almost always, those are better patients, people with the ability and willingness to go fee-for-service with the right dentist.

With higher average case values, SmartBox dentists can work less, earn more, and enjoy life again. How would you like to spend more time doing only the cases you love? Or to have time for family, friends, and just living? SmartBox can make that happen for you.

You don’t have to take our word that this kind of freedom happens for our dentists.

You can read testimonials from many of our doctors about the incredible impact that working with SmartBox has had on their practices and their futures.

Discover What’s Possible For Your Dental Practice

Dental patient marketing from SmartBox is the key to the future you want for yourself and your practice.

In fact, we’ll even give you a Roadmap to that future.

Click here to get started and schedule your Roadmap call. It takes about as much time as you need to place a single dental crown or an implant.

Following the call, you’ll receive a completely personalized Roadmap to your success.

Don’t settle for dental patient marketing that doesn’t deliver and keeps you working too hard for too long for too little. Discover for yourself how SmartBox is not only different, but better.