Dental Office Email Marketing – Worth It Or Not?

Put Your Marketing On Automatic

If you listen to some of the pundits on the subject of dental email marketing, you’ll conclude that it’s dead. That’s half-right; the traditional approach to email marketing – done manually, on a hit-or-miss basis – has definitely passed its “sell-by” date. Automated email marketing is the wave of the future, and it’s here now for dental practices.

It’s A Question of The Right Content…

Using dental emails to move prospects through your sales funnel requires a stream of content specific to each prospect’s dental concerns. Dentures, implants, bridges, periodontitis treatment, cosmetic dentistry, sleep apnea treatment, hygiene services – any service you offer requires its own dedicated, educational email content stream.

That’s a lot of writing and editing for anyone, and it’s generally something that dentists can’t ask their staff people to do.

…To The Right Recipients…

But once you have that content in hand, there are two other challenges. The first is getting the right emails to the right prospects.

Your email streams should, ideally, move prospects gently to the decision point of making an appointment. But people enter your sales funnel at different times. And email that’s appropriate for someone who’s close to deciding isn’t the right email for someone who’s only just agreed to receive communications from your practice.

If you’re emailing several hundred people with a total of eight or ten distinct dental concerns, all of whom are at different places in your conversion process, you have a logistical nightmare. And a huge potential for error, like sending an email on dentures to a 20-something who wants whiter teeth

…At The Right Times

Email marketing is a balancing act. Email too often and you’re perceived as being pushy, if not intrusive. Email too seldom, and you risk your prospects forgetting about you, or even worse choosing another dentist.

If your staff is trying to get the right email from the right content stream to the right prospects at the right time, and they’re doing it via a spreadsheet, they won’t be doing much else.

And forget about trying to figure out which email subject lines get opened most often, which content at which length gets the best responses, and which graphics and calls to action work best. You’re dealing with too many variables from too many different emails to be able to analyze all that effectively.

Enter Email Automation

Automated email management programs are a godsend to busy dental practices. Once a prospect opts in to receive communications from you – usually on your website in exchange for an offer of some kind – and you have an idea of their major dental concern(s), you enter that email address and date into the system, together with an identifier for the right content stream.

After that, the system takes care of automatically sending out ​the right emails to the right prospects at the right time​​.

Not only does that save a huge amount of staff time, you can use most email automation programs to experiment with subject lines, content, copy length, graphics, and much more. The system will track the responses and analyze the variables. That allows your practice to pull reports on what’s working and zero in on the email combinations that will produce maximum return on investment.

Sounds Good. Which Automated Email Program?

There are a lot of email automation programs on the market. They vary by price, features, learning curve, and ease of use. Prepare for some serious research time to find the program that’s right for your needs.

Your goals will determine your needs. If you’re just looking to get the emails out there correctly, but you don’t want to mess with experimenting with variable, a less expensive program will probably do. If you want the absolute maximum return your investment, you’ll need something with more bells and whistles.

Or You Can Just Forget The Whole Thing

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