What Are The Best Dental Marketing Strategies?

You’ve probably heard about dozens of marketing approaches from different companies. Most likely, every one of those companies claimed that theirs was the best way to attract new patients: SEO, paid online ads, content marketing, etc.

You’ve also heard from dentists (and non-dentists) offering seminars for practically everything – more patients, high-value niche patients, increased practice efficiency, patient retention strategies, referral strategies, building a practice within your practice, and so on.

There’s no question that some of those strategies can work, to a greater or lesser extent. It’s also true that you can learn a lot from these seminars. Whether they translate into the kind of success you want is another question.

You Can’t Afford A Missing Link

Attraction is only one of the factors in the success equation. With a robust online presence – your website, social media, blog, testimonials, videos – you can draw more attention to your practice.

Once you have prospects’ attention, though, you have to give them reasons to choose you instead of a competitor. That’s easier said than done.

Let’s take just one example – getting more big cases.

Increasing your average case value allows you to work less and earn the same amount or more.

Arguably, placing greater emphasis on big cases will result in a reduction in the overall number of competitors you face in your market. That helps take you out of the “just another dentist” category. But how will you differentiate yourself in the minds of prospects from other dentists offering the same focused services that you offer?

Someone who’s prepared to spend thousands or tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket for elective dental procedures isn’t going to care about saving a few dollars. And a low-price strategy in big cases can actually work against you. You simply can’t be the “budget dental expert.” That kind of contradiction doesn’t sit well in the minds of people with money.

That’s only one of the hurdles that dentists face as they move from general practice to emphasizing more focused services.

Any dentist who attempts to move from general practice to providing more focused dental services had better think long and hard about exactly how to accomplish that transition before attempting it. It takes a complete refocusing of your marketing efforts, and SmartBox’s experience shows that not all dentists are prepared to take that mental leap.

Putting a new marketing approach into practice is also a heckuva lot of work. Fortunately, that’s what SmartBox does for our dentists.

Become The Dentist Of Choice For Better Patients

Helping our doctors become the only logical choice for the patients they want is something that SmartBox helps thousands of dentists and orthodontists accomplish – every day.

SmartBox is a comprehensive, strategic, and integrated Practice Growth firm. Our entire emphasis is on allowing dentists to practice the dentistry they want while making more money. SmartBox dentists can remain in general practice while enjoying higher average case values, or they can transition to a more focused practice.

The choice is theirs, and our dentists can make it with confidence.

Our industry-leading Patient Attraction System® works 24/7 to position each of our doctors as the dentist of choice for the patients they want to attract. SmartBox dentists can work less, earn more, and enjoy life instead of being chained to their practices.

If that sounds like something you’d like to explore, schedule your Roadmap call by clicking here. The call is an investment of your time roughly equal to what you need to place a single dental crown or an implant.

It’s an investment that can pay huge dividends for your practice. Following the call, you’ll receive your completely personalized Roadmap to your practice’s future success.

As Dr. Michael Abernathy, the founder of Summit Practice Solutions, put it, If you’re not working towards something that’s going to give you freedom, what in the world are you working towards? I’ll tell you: MORE WORK. There’s a better way. You just need the blueprint to build it.”

So, to answer the question posed at the very beginning: What are the best dental marketing strategies? The ones that provide you with choice, money, and freedom.

SmartBox has the proven success Roadmap that we tailor to the goals of all our dentists. If you’re ready to move from “dentistry as usual” to practicing the dentistry you want, schedule your Roadmap call today.