Your Dental Marketing Budget Should Be Repaid Many Times Over

The funds in your dental marketing budget should work to return many times the invested value. If not, you’re throwing away your hard-earned marketing dollars.

Most dental practices still take a “feel” approach to determining their marketing’s effectiveness. “Well, we feel like we got a number of new patients from that newspaper ad.” However, research shows that dental patients are wildly inaccurate when it comes to recalling exactly which ad, direct mail piece, or online article motivated them to call your practice.

Fuzzy Math Is Not Your Friend

Unless you know how each of your marketing vehicles is performing in returning new patients, you’re almost certainly throwing money away on ads, radio spots, and other marketing that’s not paying off.

Even practices that use an outside marketing firm can have trouble tracking their results. Far too often, the marketing company talks in terms of impressions, shares, likes, clicks, and time on page. Those are good and necessary things, but not one of them will make you a single dollar.

When it comes to practice marketing, the only metric that matters is new dental patients in your chairs. Anything else is a waste of your dental marketing budget.

Let’s Get Precise

The single best way – in fact, the only way – to know exactly how each aspect of your marketing is performing is call tracking PLUS call analysis of every single conversation. Remember, getting your phone to ring is only half the equation.

The other half is to convert those prospect calls into appointed patients, and that’s where too many dental practices fall short. Those team members are striving to do the best they can – but SmartBox’s data clearly demonstrates that dentists’ perceptions of their front office performance don’t match the reality.


Breaking It Down

If you’re not familiar with call tracking, it works like this: A unique phone number is assigned to each part of your marketing – website, email, direct mail, social media, and so on. Calls to those numbers are automatically forwarded to your office phones and the source of the call is recorded in a database. In more advanced systems, the calls themselves are recorded for later review. That can help determine whether there are any issues with the front office staff’s phone technique that might be losing appointable prospects.

When you know which aspects of your marketing are returning the most new patients, and/or the highest average case value patients, you can reallocate funds to realize the greatest financial return.

Of course, it helps to have everything laid out in front of you in an easy-to-understand format.

Introducing PracticeHQ, Exclusively From SmartBox

PracticeHQ is SmartBox’s revolutionary marketing dashboard that empowers you to track your marketing results in real time, 24/7/365.

At a glance, you can view:

  • New Patient Opportunities 3-month trends (or customize your own date range):
    • New Patient Opportunity calls by day/time
    • Answered call rate
    • Missed calls
    • New Patients Appointed/Not Appointed
    • New Patient Opportunity conversion rate
    • Call recordings/analysis
    • New Patient Opportunity form submissions
    • New Patient Opportunities by Marketing Channel
  • Paid media campaign performance by platform
  • New website visitors and time-on-site
  • Social media performance by platform and day/time
  • Cost per New Patient

And much more.

PracticeHQ is completely transparent; your results are delivered in plain language. You can easily and quickly reallocate your marketing spend for maximum return.

However, the best marketing can only get prospects to contact your practice. What happens when they speak with your front office determines whether they become appointed patients or a waste of your marketing funds.

With PracticeHQ, incoming calls to your practice are recorded and stored in an easily accessible database. But you’re a busy dentist, and you almost certainly don’t have time to listen to hours of calls every week.

SmartBox does that for you!

Our dedicated team of Call Quality Analysts listen to every call for every one of our dentists, usually the same day. Troubled calls are flagged for your immediate review so that you can take corrective action promptly. That will result in many more appointed patients who might otherwise have been lost.

PracticeHQ is amazingly affordable, and it’s available on a “cancel any time” basis. It’s one of an array of innovative and profitable practice enhancement products available from SmartBox.

Find out more by visiting our Products page. If you’re interested in seeing how one or more of our innovative products can benefit your practice, click here to schedule your Roadmap call.

Invest about as much time as you need to place a single dental crown or an implant to discover what’s possible for your practice.

Following the call, you’ll receive your completely personalized Roadmap to your future success.

It’s your dental marketing budget, and you deserve to have it return as much value as possible. SmartBox will make that happen.