What’s In Your Dental Blog?

When it comes right down to it, few dentists are natural bloggers. Quite a few don’t even attempt blog writing. That’s actually a good thing, because writing blogs doesn’t make them a dime. In fact, it costs them money and/or time with family and friends.

A skilled copywriter can produce a finished blog post between 500 and 1,000 words in one to two hours. It’s likely that few, if any, dentists are that proficient. Taking the average time, a dentist who spends 1.5 hours writing a blog is losing 1.5 times his or her hourly rate.

If that dentist writes during the evenings or weekends, he or she is losing time to rest and relax, to spend with loved ones, to pursue activities, or to socialize with friends. And with dentists working harder than ever – arguably, for not enough money in return – dentists need to to rest, recharge, and recover.

Doing your own copywriting of any kind is a lose-lose proposition.

Be Careful When You Outsource

There are any number of firms that offer pre-packaged dental marketing content – blogs, social media, and so on. The prices are often astonishingly low, given what they provide, and there’s a good reason for that.

Copywriting, even for professionals, is time-consuming and relatively costly to the firm that employs them. That cost has to be passed on to the dental practices that buy the content. The only way to hold down the cost to the customer is to sell that content to as many dental practices as possible.

That means that the “unique” dental content you might purchase may be anything but unique.

That’s not to say that all dental content firms follow that business model. Some are completely honorable in what they furnish. However, that content typically costs considerably more.

The problem with posting duplicate content is that Google doesn’t like it. Google strongly prefers unique content; so strongly, in fact, only the first dental practice to post the content will get the search engine optimization “bump.”

For all other practices, there’s no SEO benefit, and posting duplicate content can even be harmful to their search engine results page rankings.

How We Do It

SmartBox has a cadre of skilled professional copywriters who operate under strict guidelines in producing online content for our doctors. Duplicate content is absolutely prohibited. Obviously, different dentists will have blogs that cover the same topics – teeth whitening, implants, orthodontics, gum disease treatment, and so on – but those blogs will be written differently for each doctor.

Not only is each blog unique, each is optimized for online search. Unique, expert, and optimized content carries a significant SEO boost which is what we want for our dentists.

It ain’t easy, but it’s what we do.  

Content Marketing Is Just One Piece Of The Puzzle

SmartBox provides dental content writing as part of our revolutionary Patient Attraction System® that helps dentists on three continents attraction more and better patients. Our integrated, strategic, and comprehensive dental marketing services work together to produce outstanding results for our doctors.

If you’d like to see what’s possible for your practice, schedule a Roadmap call. It requires an investment of time about equal to what you need to place a single crown or and implant. The call is an in-depth look at the competitive forces in your area and your practice and personal goals.

Following the call, you’ll receive your completely personalized Patient Attraction Roadmap. It’s a guide to your future success.   

Let’s Both Do What We Do Best

As you’ve seen, content writing isn’t the best use of a dentist’s time and talents. SmartBox will handle all aspects of your marketing so that you can make money by seeing patients and solving their dental problems. You can also realize higher average case value with SmartBox, meaning that you can work less and earn more.

That sounds like a win-win.