SmartBox’s 10 Things You Need To Ask Your Dental Marketing Company #5

Is The Content On My Site 100% Custom? Who’s Writing It?

If you haven’t heard the phrase, “Content is king,” you’ll do well to memorize it.

Today’s search engines, and particularly Google, are focused on providing the best possible user experience. That means returning content that is Expert, Authoritative, and Trustworthy. That’s the “E-A-T” acronym that you might have come across. Let’s add one more initial to that acronym – O.

Google and other search engines are strongly biased toward original content. The search engines regard the website where the content first appears as the originator. Everybody else is seen as plagiarizing that content.

Duplicate (plagiarized) content is a great way to get unranked by search engines and it’ll damage your SEO. Deliberate plagiarism can even get you banned by the search engines. Good luck attracting patients without an online presence.

The Problem With Outsourcing

Firms that outsource content writing to freelancers risk your business, your market, and your prospects being misunderstood… or worse. That’s a recipe for failure. Such firms include marketing companies that don’t offer comprehensive services, and content production companies. Let’s take each in turn.

Limited-Services Providers

Writing is a time-intensive task, and producing original content for a large number of clients is a very costly undertaking. Rather than keep writers on-staff, most marketing firms are outsourcing to contracted freelance writers.

Not to take anything away from the many, many ethical content writers out there, but providing duplicate – even plagiarized – content is a common practice among less scrupulous freelancers.  They can get away with it because they often work for more than one firm, so there’s no way for anyone to know that the content is only original for one dentist.

Until the search engines notice, and then bad things happen to dentists who unwittingly purchased non-original content for their website, social media, and/or blog.

Content Production Companies

Again, let’s start by acknowledging that some of the companies offering pre-packaged content are ethical. The rest maximize their profits by selling the same content, occasionally individualized slightly for each customer, over and over again.It’s a matter of simple economics combined with greed and some loose ethical standards.

Purchasing pre-packaged online content is asking for trouble. Don’t do it.

Rest Easy – We’ve Got This Covered

SmartBox maintains a cadre of skilled content writers on staff. Our writers adhere to strict standards which include producing original online content for every one of dentists.

That’s not to say they don’t write on the same topics for different dentists; after all, probably every dentist wants their patients to use their remaining insurance benefits before year’s end, or for parents to know how to minimize the impact of Halloween candy on their children’s teeth.

But those content pieces will be written differently for each dentist. We do not allow duplication of online content. Our writers also pay strict attention to our content SEO guidelines, another way in which our services differ from many other content providers.

With SmartBox, you can rest assured that your online content is unique and effective in helping prospects find your dental practice.

Don’t take chances with possibly duplicate or even plagiarized content. With SmartBox, you’ll never have to worry about it. In fact, you won’t have to worry about any aspect of your marketing because SmartBox provides completely integrated, strategic, and comprehensive dental marketing services.

You can learn more by scheduling a no-obligation Roadmap call. It takes about as long as you need to place a single dental crown or implant. What you get in return in a Roadmap to the worry-free future success of your practice.