Your Online Dental Content Has To Rock

One bit of marketing wisdom that’s been floating around for some time is that “Content is king” where Google is concerned. That wisdom holds true today and will probably remain so for a long time to come.

Google has evolved its search results to provide the best possible user experience. According to a recent report, Google factors in such things as the user’s location, the time of day, previous searches, and the phrasing of the search request to decide which results to show.

With all of that being equal, Google returns the results that it deems best answers the searcher’s query. The best answers are almost always those that, among other things, meet Google content standards.

Dental Content Basics

Google’s content preferences are both obvious and common-sense, given its emphasis on providing a quality user experience. For dentists, those preferences come down to creating original content that is 1) understandable for the layperson, 2) easy to read, and 3) provides expert answers to their questions.

Basically, you need to write for prospects and current patients, not for other dentists. That’s a mistake that too many dentists make.

So, skip the jargon. Dental prospects don’t have malocclusion, they have bite problems. Think gum disease instead of periodontitis. It’s a filling, not a dental restoration.

Write short, clear sentences. Shoot for about a middle-school reading level. There are online reading level programs that will help.

Give your article or post a logical flow. Include white space to enhance readability.

But above all, make sure your content is original. Dentists who use pre-packaged dental content from third-party providers shoot themselves in the foot twice. First, only the website where the content first appears gets the search engine optimization “bump.”

Don’t believe the assurances that the content you’re receiving is unique to your practice.

Second, Google can impose a penalty, in terms of search results, for websites that use duplicated content, even unwittingly.

It’s About Them, Not About You

Too many dentists emphasize technique in their online writing. Dental prospects don’t care about the finicky points of technique, dentists do. Your prospects care that you’re going to make their lives better.

Instead of detailing exactly how you’re going solve their dental problems, emphasize the benefits to them of choosing you to be their dentist – they’ll be able to eat the foods they love, smile without embarrassment, not have to try to cover up chronic horrendous breath, and so on.

To put it another way, it’s not the how, it’s the what – the benefits to them. That’s what will lead more prospects to choose you and your dental practice.

Don’t Sweat The Technical Details

There are a lot of finicky search engine optimization details that can enhance your content’s SEO value, but that shouldn’t be your focus. As Google itself has said, write for people, not search engines.

However, producing adequate amounts of new, original content that meets Google’s standards is a tough chore for the vast majority of dental practices.

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