Introducing “Hands-Free” Dental Social Media Marketing

SmartBox provides a wide and growing array of innovative products to help dentists get more of the new patients they want. One of those products is BUZZ™ powered by My Social Practice.

Social media marketing is a great adjunct to your new patient attraction efforts. But here’s the thing – done right, social media marketing is a very time-intensive prospect. Since few practices can afford a dedicated social media team member, social media marketing is often treated as an afterthought.

BUZZ™ is the game-changer that dentists have been looking for.

Engaged Patients Are Happy Patients

BUZZ™ lets your patients do a lot of the work for you. BUZZ™ includes an iPad photo studio which your patients and staff can use to take fun, engaging photos. Your patients can quickly and easily post to their own social media pages and include high-quality photos and materials from within your practice! There are no HIPAA issues when patients do the posting.

That’s a major boost to your social media marketing, not to mention being downright fun. But that’s not all you receive when you choose BUZZ™.

Promotional Campaigns

Every two months, your practice receives fun, informative, campaign materials that make each patient visit even more fun and encourage them to share online.

  • Posters
  • Social Signs
  • T-Shirt
  • Buttons
  • Table Tents
  • Photo Props
  • Raffle Entry Cards
  • Digital Content
  • Blog Template

With these engaging and fun promotional materials, your practice will definitely experience the BUZZ of engaged, entertained, and supportive patients!

Those two resources – an iPad photo studio and promotional materials – will make any dental practice’s social media marketing much more manageable. But what if the practice didn’t have to worry about posting ANYTHING?

Here’s The “Hands-Free” Part

SmartBox is rolling out our Professionally Managed Plan soon. Here’s the thumbnail version of what that means for you.

An expert at My Social Practice will fully manage your practice’s entire social media presence, including:

  • Content publishing
  • Daily social media and reviews monitoring
  • Responding to interactions and relaying messages
  • Optimized post promotion (optional add-on)
  • And more!

It’s like having a dedicated social media expert working right next to you in your practice!

You’ll still receive an Engagement Box every two months with fun and shareable post ideas for your team. Participate in your social media marketing as much (or as little) as you want! You’re more than covered, either way.

SmartBox added this amazing service to BUZZ™ in response to requests from many of our dentists who wanted a “done-for-them” social media marketing solution.

Best of all, BUZZ™ is amazingly affordable.

The Professionally Managed plan is the world’s only comprehensive dental social media solution that combines a decade of industry-leading expertise, handcrafted content and relentless consistency, while still being truly hands-off for you.

So you can focus on what you do best—caring for patients.

Don’t neglect your social media practice marketing. Take advantage of all the quick and easy features of BUZZ™ powered by My Social Practice.

For more information about BUZZ™, visit our website Products page.