How Solid Is Your Dental Practice’s Online Reputation?

Research shows that people overwhelmingly read online reviews about products, services, and service providers. It’s fair to say that online reviews have largely replaced word-of-mouth when it comes to prospects deciding which dentist to choose.

Your online reputation is critical to your success. Too few busy dental practices, however, make the concerted effort necessary to engage with positive reviewers online and to quickly address less-than-stellar reviews and complaints.

That’s a “trick” that you can’t afford to ignore. In addition to the written reviews, most review sites offer a “star” rating system. In today’s hurried and impatient world, prospects may well look at a practice’s star rating and ignore that practice if the rating is significantly lower than a competitor’s.

As Dr. David Maloley of Colorado put it, “Google has replaced the Yellow Pages. Having great reviews online is the way of the future. Having the reviews out there, I just think that time has come and to ignore that is at your own peril. ”

Dr. Saj Jivraj of Los Angeles agrees. “Today, many patients are online and they’re looking to research the background of the professional they’re going to choose. 50 percent of my patients come from online.”

SmartBox Has The Answer: RAVE

Our innovative RAVE™ Reputation Management System streamlines and simplifies the process of keeping your online reputation more than competitive.

By automatically sending an SMS review request message (or an email, if desired) to every patient’s cell phone following an appointment, Rave™ helps dentists get every possible review. Your positive reviews are automatically promoted to Google, Facebook, Twitter, as well as your website.

Search engine “crawlers” find those reviews and boost your ranking on organic search which further aids your practice’s new patient recruitment efforts.

Rave™ also provides email alerts whenever a new review is posted. You’ll know at once when a negative review is posted. Take advantage of the one-touch “respond” option to begin dealing with the unhappy patient or prospect. Rave™ integrates with your practice management system with no effect on system performance.

RAVE™ Is A Great Investment In Your Success

As you’ve seen, dentists can’t afford to not closely monitor and supervise their online reputation. SmartBox’s RAVE™ Reputation Management System makes the process easy, fast, and very rewarding.

Dr. Justin Leath of Rochester, Minnesota is a fan. He said, “We’re in such a competitive market here that it’s hard for us to maintain steady new patient flow without having online presence, and that’s where SmartBox came in. I jumped online, did some research, got to the website, and realized that there were other dentists involved with SmartBox that got tremendous results.”

You can learn more about RAVE™ by visiting the “Products” section of the SmartBox website. You can also call SmartBox at 502-509-1413 and talk with one of our Digital Practice Consultants.

Don’t leave your online reputation to chance. For an investment of just $199 a month for each practice location, plus one-time setup fees, you can influence many more online prospects to choose your practice instead of a competitor’s.