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Which of these is true of your situation?

Your current dental marketing isn’t bringing you the new patients you’d like or you need.

You’re working too hard for too long seeing an unending stream of low case value patients.

You’re just not seeing enough and appointed new patients.

Your dental practice is invisible online.

Since you’re reading this, you’re obviously experiencing substandard dental patient attraction results … to say the least. There’s a very likely reason for that, one that most dentists never even consider:

Your current marketing could be repelling dental prospects.

Could be, yes, but how would you know? You’re in your dental practice and working too hard for too many hours a day. Essentially, you’re on the inside looking out – you don’t see what your prospects see.

It’s nearly impossible for you to assess the effectiveness of your dental marketing program … and the reasons it may not be effective.

It will take an outside, impartial web marketing expert to review your marketing efforts and report back on what you’re doing well and what’s COSTING YOU NEW DENTAL PATIENTS.

Here’s What SmartBox Will Do For You … FREE!

When you schedule your Practice Discovery Session™, we’ll analyze your website and discuss your current dental marketing efforts. From that analysis, we’ll build you a Patient Attraction Roadmap™ to get you to your goals.

You’ll also get an in-depth video analysis of your website. This video and accompanying reports will outline what parts of your marketing are on target and which are missing the mark and need to be changed.

And just as a quick reference to the four parts of your online marketing, we’ll also provide a letter grade for each.

We’ll provide all this to you promptly. And we’ll do it for FREE.

You’ll receive your INDIVIDUALIZED Patient Attraction Roadmap™ and analyses within 6-10 days. That time frame varies a bit depending on our workload.

We’re Happy To Offer Choices To Dentists

You can take a do-it-yourself approach to improving your dental patient attraction efforts using your free Patient Attraction Roadmap™.

Or you can stick with doing what makes you money – seeing patients and solving their dental problems – and SmartBox will do the work of getting you more and better patients. (Don’t feel like you’re under any obligation to work with us, though – you’re not.)

More Patients, More Profits, & More Freedom Can Be Yours

SmartBox does these Practice Discovery Sessions™ for free for one simple reason: We want all dentists to be successful … but 90 percent of dentists have websites and marketing systems with serious flaws, and they don’t have a clue what’s wrong!

As a BEST member, you’re entitled to special discounts and privileges that aren’t available elsewhere. Are you ready to start attracting more and better patients? Get started by filling out the form below.