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Colin’s path into patient attraction was inspired by his parents. His father is a successful dentist and a great marketer in his own right, while his mother serves as an elite sales consultant at a Fortune 100 company. Colin began designing websites and dabbling in affiliate marketing at a young age, and he launched SmartBox while he was still in high school.

Along his journey, he’s learned a ton about the needs of practice owners and dentists like yourself. Below are some of his books, thought pieces, and some questions he’s taken the time to answer — we hope these free resources can be a guide for you on your journey as well.

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  • I am a dentist so why would I need a website?

    You can have the best office, staff, equipment, and expertise… you might be “Dentist Of The Year” with all of the right credentials and certificates… but if you don’t have the right systems in place to not only ‘be seen’ but also to pre-qualify, follow-up, and close the cases, your prospective patients (that you’ve spend lots of time and energy to attract) are not going to buy your services. Once in place though, you can count on your systems to work for you for the rest of your professional career.
  • What do you consider “successful”?

    Many other marketing firms will tell you about how many clicks and hits your website got. Some others may even have the technology to show you how many phone calls you received. But are these phone calls pre-qualified, or are they wasting your (and your staff’s) time? Are they accepting treatment, or are they dead ends? Dental marketing isn’t about “branding” or “impressions”, It’s about putting qualified patients in your chairs that accept treatment. “Hits and clicks” on your website and Facebook simply do not do that. Your dental marketing firm should be showing you exactly how many dollars you are spending monthly and how many dollars you are generating (ROI). If you don’t know exactly what your ROI is, how do you know how well your marketing plan is working? We provide all our dentist clients with our industry leading phone tracking system, PracticeHQ™, which allows us to give our customers an exact ROI for every marketing project they implement. This allows us to track not only the phone calls that all our marketing generates, but consults scheduled, treatment plans presented, which patients move forward with case acceptance, and real dollars generated into their bank accounts. Request our Website Audit and find out what your dental marketing is doing for you.
  • How long have you been working with dentists?

    The truth is, we never intended to work with dentists. Well, not exclusively anyway. Our first dentist client & my father, Dr. Ron Receveur signed on with us to design his first website in 1997. Unfortunately much of the technology available nowadays wasn’t even conceived in 1997, leaving us very limited on how to capitalize with this new advertising medium. After incorporating in 2001, we brought on dozens of local small businesses needing web design and marketing help around the Louisville, Kentucky area. Looking around, we saw the Yellow Pages being very expensive, Radio & TV were just out of reach for most business owners… and we just had a gut feeling that this “Internet thing” had real potential. As time went on we attracted more dentists in need of a big marketing boost, we immediately took note of how little dentists were leveraging the available technology on the web. Most had nothing more than an “online brochure.”
  • Can I have more than one web address?

    Absolutely. Some of our advanced SEO tactics use “mini-sites” based on specific niche areas of dentistry like dental implants, IV sedation, cosmetics, dentures, etc. which absolutely flood the search engine results with your dental practice. Google will limit how many results it will show for each domain you own, so if you want more than 2 positions, you need more than 1 domain. This is an advanced strategy that literally no one else out there is providing in the dental marketing world.
  • Is Google Ads worth paying for?

    Google Ads was formerly called Google AdWords. Regardless, we hear this from someone at least once a week: “I never click on those sponsored listings and don’t know anyone that does.” You might not be clicking, but thousands of other dental patients are. Some patients will only click on ads, others will only click on the free listings. If you ignore one or the other, you're losing out. Our dentist clients consistently show very large cases coming to their dental practices from just Google Ads, so it’s a smart strategy to include paid media in your dental marketing plan.

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Colin Receveur, founder and CEO of SmartBox, is an internationally recognized speaker, author, and practice growth expert. SmartBox’s Patient Attraction System® has helped 4400+ dentists around the world get more and better patients. SmartBox takes a comprehensive approach to patient attraction by handling everything dentists need to succeed, all in one place.

SmartBox has a solution for every struggling private practice dentist as well as dentists ready to take their practice to the next level. SmartBox dentists are enjoying higher profits, attracting big case dentistry, expanding their practice services, working fewer hours, and even retiring early.

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