About The Practice Growth System™

The Practice Growth System™ has helped more than 4,400 dentists, orthodontists, and specialists attract the new patients they want and grow their practices on their terms. Dentists who partner with SmartBox Dental™ can focus on actually doing the dentistry and making money; SmartBox Dental™ handles the practice growth aspects.


To discover what SmartBox Dental™ can do for your practice, schedule your Practice Growth Call. 


The Power Of The Practice Growth System™


Very few dentists are trained in the complex, interlocking disciplines required to effectively promote and grow a dental practice.


The Practice Growth System™ is the answer for dentists who want to make money instead of spending precious time on non-clinical activities. The Practice Growth System™ incorporates all the disciplines and activities required to attract, convert, and retain quality dental patients including advertising, consulting, marketing, promotional, and operational services.


With the Practice Growth System™, SmartBox dentists typically devote no more than one hour per month or less to practice growth efforts. SmartBox handles everything in-house, and dentists enjoy the benefits and the clarity that come with having a single point of contact for everything related to their practice growth.


To discover what the Practice Growth System™ can do for your practice, schedule your Practice Growth Call.