9 Dental Marketing Ideas You Can Implement Today

Little Things Mean A Lot

Dentists’ marketing varies widely in its effectiveness. Factors such as market composition, competitors’ advertising presence, and market economic factors all play a role in how many new dental patients a given practice regularly gets. And too many of those dentists don’t get nearly enough return from their marketing.

SmartBox helps more than 550 dentists on three continents get more and better dental patients . But we recognize that not every dentist is ready for the comprehensive dental marketing services we offer in our industry-leading Patient Attraction System™ .

But at SmartBox, we’re all about dentists’ success. With that in mind, here are 9 dental marketing ideas that you can implement right now to make your dental marketing more productive.

#1 Freebies Are Your Friend

Your state regulations will determine what you can offer as an incentive, but not every giveaway has to have monetary value. Use an offer on your website to send prospects an ebook or white paper written by you in exchange for their email addresses. You’ll be able to send them additional communications to help move them toward choosing you to solve their dental problems.

#2 Shake Up Your Marketing Message

If your marketing is heavy on low prices and discounts, you’re missing a huge opportunity. Price is a strong motivator for a lot of given market’s dental prospects, but by no means all of them. Emphasizing the patient’s experience in your practice, including comfort measures and dental sedation if you offer those, can give more new patients reasons to choose your practice.

#3 Implement A Review Request System

Online dental reviews are the new word-of-mouth advertising. Research indicates that people put as much faith in favorable reviews as they do a recommendation by someone they know. While you shouldn’t ask someone who’s still numb from a procedure for a review, set up a universal follow-up system to ensure that every patient is urged to post a review of your practice.

#4 Dentists’ Marketing Shouldn’t Be About Themselves

Dentists these days are assumed to be competent. Your prospects flat don’t care who has the best hands in town. They do care about the benefits of choosing your dental practice and the benefits of having a given procedure done. If your marketing touts your education and training, you’re missing the point – prospects choose a dentist for the benefits to them . Make sure you tell them what those benefits are.

#5 Invest In An Email Automation System

Google reports that people consider an average of 10.4 sources of online information before making a buying decision. Choosing a dentist is a process, not an event. Your communications need to be most, if not all, of those 10.4 information sources while your prospects are moving through the decision-making process. Dental email automation ensures that the right prospects get the right emails at the right intervals.

#6 Start Socializing

Dentists’ social media marketing is a vital part of getting more new dental prospects. An overwhelming majority – more than 90% – begin their search for a dentist online. Your social media presence is one factor in your overall search engine results page ranking. Social media also allows you and your practice to engage with prospects, hold dialogues, and answer questions. Facebook, Google+, and Twitter are the big three social media platforms for dentists.

#7 Start Going Public

Getting out of the operatory and into the community is a great way to build name recognition among your prospects. Start researching opportunities to participate in health fairs, educational presentations, community benefit events, and the like. Exchanging a few hours or a day of your time by going public will help take you firmly out of the category of “just another dentist.”

#8 Get That Referral Program Working Better

Sending after-appointment thank you notes, together with an incentivized request for patient referrals, can boost your new patient numbers. Again, state regulations govern what you can and can’t offer, so be sure to check those beforehand.

#9 Contact SmartBox

Most dentists’ marketing tends to be a piecemeal approach – “a bit of this, a bit of that, and let’s try this next month!” That isn’t the ideal way to attract new patients by any means. And it can waste a lot of your marketing budget.

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