What Are Your Dental Patients Saying About You Online?

The overwhelming majority of dental prospects – some 90 percent – begin their search for a dentist online.

When they find your practice’s listing, what will they discover? Hopefully, all good things, but maybe not.

Unless you have a staff person dedicated to managing your online reputation, you probably have some less-than-stellar reviews that haven’t been addressed. You probably have far more positive reviews that your practice hasn’t addressed by thanking the posters.

That’s not a state of affairs that any dental practice can tolerate these days. The competition in the online space is so fierce that a dental practice with a slightly lower “star” rating probably won’t even be in the running. Those few negative reviews can have a serious impact on your rating in an environment where people are more impatient than ever.

If the difference is between a practice rated at 4.8 stars and another at 4.3 stars, the lower-rated practice probably won’t even get a look.

Online reviews from your patients are the new “word of mouth” advertising. Certainly, prospects seek out recommendations from family, friends, and co-workers, but today, not most of them.

Rave™ Review System from SmartBox is the answer to safeguarding your online reputation as well as your start rating and helping you get more of the new patients you want.

Get The Rave™ Reviews You Need

RAVE™ takes the hassle out of getting more positive reviews and dealing with negative reviews. And more 4- and 5-star reviews are the antidote for negative reviews.

This revolutionary reputation management tool from SmartBox automatically solicits your patients following an appointment to post a review of their experience in your practice. The requests are delivered via the patient’s choice of email or SMS text message, and link is included to make posting easy.

Your practice is automatically notified of every new review so that your practice can use the “one-touch respond” feature to engage happy patients or address the issues of unhappy patients.

Reviews are automatically posted to a variety of popular review sites. That’s important because those hard-earned reviews will remain regardless of how long you continue to use Rave™.

RAVE™: Affordable, Efficient, Profitable

Rave™ from SmartBox is available as a stand-alone reputation management tool for far less than you might think.

Rave™ will not impact the functioning of your Practice Management Software in any way, and the learning curve is practically non-existent.

In terms of profitability, look at this this way: a single new patient per month is all you need to make this tool pay for itself.  

With Rave™, you take back control of your online reputation. Depending on your competition, this tool can give you the advantage in the pursuit of new patients.

Would you like to know more? Contact one of our Digital Practice Consultants at (502) 509-1413 for more information. You can also visit our website.

Don’t take your online reputation for granted. Your prospects certainly won’t. Take action today to safeguard you online presence by contacting SmartBox.