SmartBox $25,000 Challenge Update

As the SmartBox $25,000 Challenge moves into its second month, the competition is beginning to heat up.

We’ve Challenged our dentists’ practices to convert as many new patient calls to appointments as possible. SmartBox is directly incentivizing those doctors’ staffs by offering quarterly prizes – thousands of dollars in gift cards – and three fabulous annual prizes.

Those phone answerers are stepping up in response. We saw a marked uptick in new patient appointments in January compared to the previous two months. As January is often a slow month for dental practices, the initial results are very encouraging.

How The Challenge Came About

SmartBox’s industry-leading Patient Attraction System™ excels at motivating dental prospects to pick up the phone and schedule an appointment. However, we monitor and record incoming calls to our doctors’ offices. Our dedicated team of Call Quality Analysts listens to every new patient call, and their work revealed a disturbing fact.

Far too many new patient callers weren’t being appointed. An astonishing number of calls to practices during business hours were never answered.

That’s not to take anything away from the dentists’ front office staff. They’re doing the very best they can. But dental patients have a unique combination of needs, wants, fears, and ability to pay. There are relatively few people who are naturals at setting the tone and pacing of the phone conversation, eliciting and overcoming hidden objections, and asking for the appointment at exactly the right time.

Every prospect that calls a dental practice but isn’t appointed is a complete waste of that dentists’ hard-earned marketing dollars. The Challenge was born out of a desire to see our dentists profit to the maximum extent possible from their investment.

Into Action

SmartBox didn’t just identify the problem, we also created a way to solve it. Our proprietary, dental practice-specific Patient Attraction Phone Training™ and Certification course is designed to turn front office staff into new patient-appointing powerhouses. We’ve integrated phone tracking and Call Quality Analysis into all of our Patient Attraction System™ service levels.

Not A SmartBox Client? No Problem!

We’re also offering our Patient Attraction Phone Training™ and Certification course on an a la carte basis – either as a standalone product, or as part of our Practice Perfection™ Suite.

  • Local360 Search Engine Optimizatio
  • RAVE™ Reputation Management
  • Patient Attraction Phone Training™ and Certification

Our Practice Perfection™ Suite helps prospects find your website; gets you more positive patient reviews to influence prospects to choose your practice; makes it easy for them to set an appointment online; and helps front offices convert many more callers to appointed patients.

And the entire Practice Perfection™ Suite costs about as much as one new patient a month for most dentists.

If you’d like more information about any of SmartBox’s Patient Attraction System™ service levels or our a la carte Practice Perfection™ offerings, click here to schedule a call with one of our Digital Practice Consultants.    

Watch for further news about the SmartBox $25,000 Challenge in the coming months.